Assoc. Prof. İlkay Türkoğlu Biography


İlkay Türkoğlu is a Turkish performance artist based in Istanbul.

She completed her undergraduate and graduate studies as a student at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (MSGSU) Istanbul Contemporary Dance Main Art Branch. She also studied in Budapest Dance Academy for two years. She participated twice as a full scholarship student at American Dance Festival at Duke University, and once in Impluz Tanz Festival in Vienna with danceWEB scholarship .

She has performed in Turkey and abroad in numerous dance companies, including “Mu Terminal”, “Off Tarsulat” / “Hod Works” and, “Tünet Együttes”/ “Symptoms Dance Company”. She has worked with various famous independent choreographers such as Aydın Teker, Christopher Elam, Goda Gabor, Szabo Reka, Mark Haim, and Miguel Gutierrez. She has danced and performed her choreographies in Turkey and abroad in famous national and international festivals and various theatres. She participated in the 18th International IKSV Theatre Festival with “Kupa Kızı/Queen of Hearts”, whose choreography was done by herself.

She is one of the founders of the collective known as “derme çatma sahne”, in which Çiğdem Onat Housman participates as the general art director. As the debut performance of the collective, İlkay Türkoğlu performed “Karo Kadin/Lady of Diamonds” on stage. In this collective, she enriched her stage life with acting in plays and in 2014 International IKSV Theather Festival, she was a member of the cast in the play “Derme Çatma Hamlet”, a new interpretation of Hamlet. In the performance called “Kuşlar Meclisi” (Conference of the Birds), which was a joint collaboration between students of Koç University and professional artists, she participated both as a dancer and actress, and also took charge in the movement instructorship of the group.

Besides her artistic productions, Ilkay Turkoglu gives lectures in both MSGSU and Koç University related to movement and dance, and works as an associate professor at MSGSU Contemporary Dance Main Art Branch.

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